These Pics Of Demi Lovato’s Cellulite Will Make You Love Her Even More

When it comes to practicing self-love, Demi Lovato knows what’s up.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, the singer shared a collection of snaps and videos highlighting all of the parts of her body that don’t fit within society’s impossible beauty standards. Think cellulite, stretch marks and thighs that touch up top. 

But rather than hating on these ‘flaws’, the 25-year-old has chosen to embrace them.  

“Stretch marks and extra fat and yet I still love myself,” she captioned an image of herself pinching her bare stomach.

In another, she drew an arrow between the word “cellulite” and her lower half.

“No thigh gap for me,” she wrote alongside a full mirror selfie, “and yet I still love myself.”

“The point is, I have cellulite just like the other 93% of women do,” she added. “What you see on Instagram isn’t always what it seems to be. Let’s embrace our real selves. #iloveme.”

In her 2017 YouTube documentary Simply Complicated, Demi was an open book when it came to her long-standing self-esteem issues and history with bulimia. So, the fact that she’s finally learned to love the skin she’s in is something worthy of celebrating. 

“Learning to love my body the way it is is challenging, but life changing,” she previously stated in an Instagram post. 

Preach, Demi. We couldn’t agree more.

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