This Empowering Ad Showing Boobs Of All Sizes Was Banned For Being Too Offensive

It’s one of Australia’s most relatable advertising campaigns to date: A bunch of women battling the everyday problems that go hand-in-hand with having lady parts.

But while more than 500 women were surveyed to come up with the concept for Berlei’s latest Womankind commercial, they may be waiting a while to see it. 

Facebook and Instagram have rejected the ad “out of fear of potential offense to the community.” 

The offensive content in question?

Boobs of all diversities being “suppressed,” “bound,” “hidden,” “forced apart,” “prodded, poked, pressured, pushed, oppressed, restricted,” and “opposed” in the search for the right support.

While this is undoubtedly a reality for most of the female population, the “pixilated nudity, overt focus on bouncing breasts and overly zoomed images” do not comply with the social networking sites’ policies.

“The ad highlights the daily realities women have with their breasts in an honest and authentic way,” Berlei hit back in a statement. 

“Like the bra itself, the ad was designed to empower women to care for and invest in themselves.”

The underwear giant also argued that the ruling is just the tip of the iceberg, claiming this case simply “highlights society’s issues where breasts are classed as sexual property.”

“They would also like to change the narrative of how brands advertise to women and hope to be able to take their message to their online community without being suppressed,” they added. 

You can watch the ad in full below:

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