Weirdest celebs diets revealed

Weirdest celebs diets revealed: From Victoria Beckham’s obsession with the SAME fish and veg dinner every night to Michelle Keegan’s strange love of ham with ‘toast on top’

  • Celebrities confess to enjoying strange food combinations and unhealthy diets 
  • Michelle Keegan’s ideal menu consists of biscuits, crisps and chip sandwiches
  • READ ALSO: Christine McGuinness confessed she has never tasted a tomato

Everyone has a strange eating habit.

And celebrities are no exception. 

Avoiding vegetables, snacking on ham with ‘toast on top’ and gorging on couscous drenched in mayonnaise are just some of the quirky diet titbits reported by the rich and famous, as MailOnline can reveal…

The model and TV star, 35 (pictured leaving a meeting in Manchester last week), confessed to living on pasta, pizza, potatoes, toast and bagels

Christine McGuinness

Model and TV star Christine McGuinness this week confessed that she has never tasted a tomato and lives off of beige food. 

In a Q&A with the Daily Mail’s Good Health, she admitted to solely eating pasta, pizza, potatoes, toast and bagels.

The 35-year-old claimed her very diet is down to her autism. She said: ‘One of the most common autistic traits is an oversensitivity to certain foods.’

The mother-of-three recently explored her autism diagnosis, which she received in 2021, in her BBC documentary, Unmasking My Autism.

She revealed that her children — Leo and Penelope, ten, and Felicity, seven — who also have autism share her sensitivities to food and they all have eaten chicken nuggets and chips on Christmas Day. 

Michelle Keegan 

‘Food is life’ for actress Michelle Keegan, whose ideal menu consists of custard creams, crisps and chip sandwiches. 

Speaking on the Off Menu podcast in October 2021, the 35-year-old admitted to snacking on salty food, such as crisps or ‘a piece of ham with toast on top’.

The Brassic star said: ‘The first thought for me when I wake up? Cup of tea. Biscuits!

Michelle Keegan, pictured left, has detailed what she loves eating – biscuits, cups of tea, bread, chips and condiments aplenty, pictured right

‘For us northerners, it’s tea and biscuits in the morning. You have like a rich tea or a custard cream.’

She added: ‘I’m quite bad at snacking quite late at night, so I am actually quite full from the night before, if I’m being honest. 

‘A lot of the time that’s something quite salty like crisps or a piece of ham with toast on top.’

The Coronation Street actress also enjoys a not-so-healthy chip sandwich topped with a generous amount of condiments. 

She said: ‘I would like really good chippy chips, obviously — with lots and lots of salt and vinegar.

‘And then I want a portion of curry sauce, portion of gravy, and some mayonnaise. I want Warburtons thick slice bread, thick with Lurpak.’


A diet of bread saturated in butter and couscous slathered in mayo may not sound like the healthiest.

But that’s what Clair Elise Boucher, also known as Grimes, has confessed to eating. 

The 35-year-old Canadian singer, who admits to disliking ‘vegetables pointedly’,  revealed in a Harper’s Bazar interview in 2020 what she eats in a day. 

Clair Elise Boucher, 35, also known as Grimes, admits to disliking ‘vegetables pointedly’ and to liking some strange food combinations 

At the time of the interview she was pregnant with her first child with her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk and revealed a few unusual recipes. Their first child, named X Æ A-12, was born in 2020, while their second, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, was born in 2021.

Her buttered toast recipe consists of her melting a stick of butter on a plate and then soaking the toast in the butter so it is ‘completely saturated’. 

Then, she tops that off with a bit of jam. 

‘It’s actually incredible, like this buttered technique, it’s great,’ she claimed. 

The singer also shared her strange couscous recipe. 

This meal consists of making couscous and adding in a ‘ton’ of vegan-mayo and sriracha. She then adds celery, tomatoes and spinach and mixes it together until it resembles ‘sludge’. 

But it’s not all butter and sludge, the singer says she does have some fruit, including bananas and blueberries, even though it’s not her favourite.

Sticking almost exclusively to grilled fish and boiled vegetables, Victoria Beckham’s (pictured right) healthy diet is very repetitive, according to her husband David Beckham (pictured left)

Victoria Beckham

The former spice girl is known for her diets that avoid anything fatty or carb heavy, but she is also bound by her habits when it comes to food. 

In fact, the 49-year-old has supposedly eaten the same meal for the past 25 years.

Sticking almost exclusively to grilled fish and boiled vegetables, her healthy diet is very repetitive, according to her husband David Beckham. 

The football star said in February 2022 in an appearance on iHeart’s River Cafe Table 4 podcast, that even though he sees himself as bit of a foodie, his wife will ‘rarely deviate’ from her go-to dinner.  

Posh Spice has joked about her ‘boring’ diet on TikTok, in a clip that shows a server revealing her dinner of salmon and steamed vegetables. 

In an interview with Vouge Australia in July 2022, she said she ‘eats a lot of healthy fat: fish, avocado, nuts, that sort of thing’.

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