You'll Never Guess Nike's All-Time Best-Selling Trainer

Sure, it’s the brand that’s burnished icons like Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi and Kanye West, but Nike’s all-time best-selling trainer is proof positive that image is not everything.

Incredibly, the Nike Air Monarch – the archetypal “dad” shoe – has moved more units than any of the brand’s sleeker options.

Originally released in 2000, the shoe has now moved through four seperate iterations, with Nike Air Monarch IV still topping the brand’s best-selling list.

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Jason Mayden designed the second version of the Air Monarch and said that he based the shoe on various people in his life that meant a lot to him.

“These were people who were significant figures and people who were archetypal father roles that included coaches, my fifth-grade teacher and my art teacher,” he told Business Insider.

Jordan, Agassi and West eat your hearts out…

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health.

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