Dehydration: Three signs you’re drinking too little

A sufficient amount of drink is important for survival, because water not only quenches your thirst, but also activates blood circulation and metabolism.

In addition, our bodies need regular fluid, so that you can work properly. Great for those wanting to lose weight: water quenches even the feeling of hunger and prevents cravings.

Though our body consists of approximately 70 percent water, he can not save it. Through the kidneys, the intestines, the lungs and skin daily for about two and a half liters to be excreted – in the case of heat, physical exertion or sports even more.

You’re drinking over a longer period of time is too little, threaten deficiency symptoms and complaints of a serious nature.

Lack of fluids is present, experts speak of Dehydration, so dehydration of the body. In the following four signs you recognize that you’re drinking too little:

1. Dry skin and lips

You do have a tendency to dry skin, you should pay attention to your water budget. Especially in the case of extreme weather conditions, such as heat in summer or freezing temperatures in the Winter, the skin is more liquid.

Against dry skin and chapped lips not only creams, but first and foremost, a sufficient amount of drink will help. Itchy skin on the arms, legs, or back point to a lack of fluids.

Did you know that Drinking is the best Anti-Aging measure? Enough to drink ensures a tight skin and prevents premature skin aging.

2. Headache

Many people constantly suffer from headaches or migraine. Not infrequently, a lack of fluid in the throbbing pain of guilt.

No wonder, because the human brain consists of around 75 percent water. You’re drinking too little, thickened the blood and the brain is not sufficiently supplied with oxygen.

In the result, you’re tired and can concentrate only with difficulty, headaches set in.

3. Dark Urine

The urine is discolored eye catching yellow or dark, have you been drinking perhaps too little. This can also be the case if you have to rarely on the toilet.

The Symptom does not disappear despite adequate fluid intake after several weeks you should consult a doctor. In the case of a first disease, such as yellow, Hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver are behind it.

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