Dementia: How to children about the disease to educate

The people in Germany are getting older and older. This leads, among other things, that the number of dementia persons is on the rise. The changes associated with memory loss, are not only adults, even children feel it. The Association care help indicates how important it is for children from the beginning in the new Situation into account. The following tips can help.

Ask: What weißyou üabout dementia?

Before you try to explain to children of dementia, it is helpful to first ask what is already known about the disease. Possibly the subject was not in school or with friends, to the language, so the term is quite foreign. The Prompt has the advantage that children feel, to be able to share their Concerns and feel safe.

Dementia pictorial erklären

Some of the children already know that people with dementia forget a lot. You don’t understand, however, why Affected by this recall our own Childhood, but not to the common Breakfast. Smaller children need no medical explanation. For you, it is sufficient to illustrate Central features of the disease on the basis of images and fantasy stories symbolically. Also, there are a variety of theme-related children’s books that help young family members understand the disease and Affected better.

On zuküfuture Meeting prepare

Currently there is still no cure for dementia. Therefore, it is important for children to prepare for what might happen the next time you visit. In the increasing course of the disease, many Sufferers forget, for example, name or family members. It is also possible that the data suffer from uncontrollable emotional outbursts and ranting in the wrong. If children know about the development of the disease, you can detect the dementia in a real life Situation better and not blame himself.

Älongest take

Not only dealing with the disease and the change in the family situation can cause children to fear, also the disease itself. Adults should explain to children, that mostly older people get dementia. Children are affected only in very rare cases. Although there is so far no cure, however, countless scientists conduct research to develop a drug against dementia.

Being a role model

Kids learn less by words, but by experiences and role models. A respectful and competent handling of the sick Person strengthens the compassion and willingness to help the young people. Children learn to have no fear, and in the Situation of the person Concerned to empathise: The Person is sick, but still the same lovable person as before. Children still have fears of contact are not allowed to parents to persuade you, the Person who is ill to reach out.

The diagnosis of dementia is for many families, friends and Acquaintances an emotional challenge. Therefore, it is important to focus on the new family situation in front of all Stakeholders in an open and to not be afraid in difficult situations, professional support to accept.


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