Every tenth woman has told endometriosis: Anna, how you made the disease

Anna Wilken knows how endometriosis feels like. Endo what?“, many will say. This is one of the major problems: The disease is still little known. And, although one in ten women suffers from it. The Influencerin speaks openly about her Suffering and how it made you strong.

“Endometriosis is a part of me, and yet you feel like many years of my life, like a great invisible enemy in my own body. A mental and physical disability without hope of healing.

You took my youth and until today, a limitation on my quality of life. In the social environment she brings me often disputes. Actually, she has smashed my entire life planning. However, all the challenges it brings, have made me strong. Meanwhile, I see you more as a sometimes very annoying girlfriend, through which I learned a lot about myself.“

I’m one of ten

My Name is Anna Wilken, I am 23 years old and I have made education about endometriosis to my heart project. Endo-what? Alone, the word is the first hurdle, find tongue twisters like I say already. A disease that knows no one, although one in ten women suffers from it. This stinks to me especially!

Sorry for the Frank words, but it is precisely this openness, it takes in the fight with the lack of understanding of the us patients a day too. “Don’t be like that!” or “The pain only the strong rule!” No, endometriosis is much more than that – and that’s why I decided to use my range as a Influencerin and Model, in order to create in society an awareness for this disease.

Here you can read an excerpt from Anna Wilkens book.

The is endometriosis

Together with my Co-author Saskia Hirschberg, I wrote in this context, now even a book about it. In “In General, I’m strong,” explains the wonderful Prof. Dr. med. Sylvia Mechsner from the Charité in Berlin – my Doctor – easy-to-understand words, what is the disease:

“Endometriosis is a benign, but chronic disease in which endometrium is not nurtured-like tissue in Places in the abdomen where it is supposed to be, such as, for example, and in the uterus (in the case of the Latter, there is the Adenomyosis), the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the peritoneum in the small pelvis, to the bladder and the bowel – just to name some of the common Places. This type of tissue occurs in the Form of active and non-active Endometriosis, chocolate cysts (blood filled cysts), adhesions, and adhesions.“ (*Text truncated and slightly modified)

Sounds painful? That’s what it is. For me, it feels as though a burning hell in my abdomen, slitting me in the guts. Because it is an inflammatory disease that can bring a Wealth of symptoms with.

Now article for later “Pocket” to save

That’s why every man should be interested in endometriosis

private Anna Wilkens boyfriend brings, in the meantime, a lot of understanding for endometriosis on. I suffer, for example, of abdominal and back pain, regardless of my period, pain during gynecological examinations, during intercourse, and bladder and bowel intolerances, which occur incidentally, and increasingly as an accompanying symptom of the disease cramps and all sorts, as well as depression and infertility – a subject must deal with the I, me, unfortunately, although I am still so young.

Curable the disease is, however, (in most cases) to a certain extent, treatable. Many patients have a great experience with hormone therapies, and experience relief by taking the pill. But there are also those who don’t (jump permanently) on this Form of treatment. Also in the field of pain therapy, the problem no longer arises that the drugs achieve in the usual doses, after years of taking the desired effect.

I know many patients have unreasonable a lot of surgeries to remove adhesions. Unfortunately, there are also extreme cases in which organs in whole or in part must be removed.

The right diet can alleviate the symptoms

Speaking of surgery: endometriosis can only be done by a laparoscopy, a surgical procedure under General anesthesia, diagnosed. Up to this diagnosis, most of those Affected fall in the cut seven years, in the dark and don’t know what you have and how you are using your illness to deal with.

private To their complaints, to relieve, Anna Wilken also have your diet changed. In my book I give in the connection also tips to alternative methods of treatment, to proper nutrition, as many foods act as an accelerant on the Inflammation levels in our body.

I try very, other women concerned to set a good example, gains a lot of quality of life from my positive attitude, I have trained me over the years consciously. I have accepted my illness and concentrate on it now, in everyday life understand and use with. I have changed my diet, do physical therapy, reducing stress factors – I’m aware of what’s good for me.

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We all want to be more understanding

I’m incredibly grateful that I can share my story in order to create more awareness for endometriosis. I would like to show my #endosisters that none of them is alone. We’re all in the same boat, even if the disease is in the case of each differently marked.

But at the end of the day, we all want more understanding from our family, our friends, the employers, and of some of the doctor. In addition, I would like to the girls and women fear to take the term being sick and fear of contact with Physicians reduce in order for the endometriosis, in the ideal case, faster is detected.

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