Everyone laughed at the huge beer belly. In truth, it was a 35-pound Tumor.

Hector Hernandez from the U.S. state of California, referred to himself as a “big guy” – as a “big boy”. The 47-Year-old was never a lean right. Especially on his belly, an unusual amount of fat seemed to bind. T-Shirts stretched over round ball. The fat oozed over the waistband and let Hernandez in the Silhouette as a “D”.

As he spoke to his doctor on the round belly, beckoned to this one. The predisposition, people would fat deposited in different body areas. Hernandez grew, cracked the 300 pound limit (about 136 kilograms). “I thought I was just fat,”” says the 47-Year-old of “Washington Post”. At parties his friends began to make the huge “beer gut” funny. In the process, Hernandez says in retrospect, he had been drinking never really a lot of beer.

Palpitations and constipation – beer belly turns out to be a Tumor

The 47-Year-old further inconsistencies: For example, that his belly feels unusually “hard” and “difficult”. He also suffers from regular constipation, has always darting back problems in Breathing and Heart. Hernandez decides to take a second opinion and was right with his concerns: The alleged beer belly turns out to be a huge, 35-pound Tumor.

Hector Hernandez suffers from a Liposarcoma, a very rare, malignant Tumor that forms in the fat cells. Tumors of this type can occur anywhere in the body, typically on the limbs or in the abdominal cavity. There are different types of Liposarkomen: Some grow very slowly and stay in one area. Others grow very fast and tend to form metastases.

The Californians had surgery this summer at the “Keck School of Medicine” (University of Southern California). The doctors there were amazed by the size of the tumor. Typically, you remove Liposarkome, weighing between 20 and 30 pounds.

In a multi-hour Operation, they removed the mutant tissue, and a kidney that was damaged. Hernandenz was lucky: The Tumor had spared other organs and the large blood vessels. The 47-Year-old is currently on the mend and need no chemotherapy or radiation. Regular follow-up appointments to ensure that the Tumor returns, unnoticed.

Although he needs to recover from the surgery, but he already feels “like a different person,” says the 47-Year-old. He had more energy and was several pounds lighter. Hector Hernandez, the “big guy”, now as a large lucky.