His daughter knows no feelings – he needs to warn your friend?

Feelings do not know, his daughter writes Reddit User Pause96. He says that his 25-year-old daughter was a little bitchy, he means it in the truest sense of the word. His daughter was suffering since Childhood, under a profound personality disorder – not to be Gefühlenl and empathy they are capable of. In the Childhood there was apparently very disturbing incidents.

“In school you had a lot of Trouble because of lies, cruelty, and all other types of misconduct.” Finally, you’ve hurt your sister, then the disease has been detected and successfully treated.

Life becomes a spectacle

However, in this treatment, “not” will disappear from the disorder. The daughter has just learned to deal with it and to pay for the environmentally acceptable behavior of the day. Now you have a decent Job and many friends, says the father. Given the history of the life of the daughter is going very well – almost too well. For now, your friend with your history of wool in the top. The Couple will marry, and the young man knows nothing of all this. And you don’t have to tell him the truth, complains of the Users. Pause96 wrote that he loves his 25-year-old daughter “very much,” but he believes that her unsuspecting friend deserves to know “all the facts”.

For the love of the daughter of a Simulation. “She is very, very charming and sophisticated that young men attract and retain their interest,” he writes. Not from personal experience, out. His daughter use the old Dating guide “The Rules” and consider it as a Bible. “The Rules” is one of the most successful Dating books in the world. The image of women as outdated and, above all, The Rules teaches the high school, the imperceptible Manipulation of the partner.

Apparently, this has worked well. Pause96 writes, the friend was “crazy about her”. “He is a great guy, very friendly, funny and intelligent,” he writes further. “But I doubt that she loves him. We have a very honest, detailed discussions about their mental health, and she was very honest with me. She feels no love or empathy towards anyone, not even to the family.”

Marriage without love

Life is a kind of a show for you. At the funeral of a friend, the daughter seemed as if they would be totally collapsed. Afterwards she said that everything was a lie, a performance, because they have felt in reality “fairly neutral”.

“She has never felt guilty, and don’t know how guilt feels like,” he writes further. He knows that she enjoys the time with her boyfriend, and the Sex with him. “But I doubt very much that she has loving feelings for him.”

The Problem: she’s not going to tell your friend the truth. She believes that he would then leave. In this lie the father is now penny, what is afflicting him.

He would say to the future son-in-law the truth. “I like and respect the young man very much and would feel terrible if I hold anything back, this ‘secret’ in front of him to marry and him clueless in this marriage to go.” But I’m not going to forgive his daughter to him.

In the myriad of answers Pause96 finds a lot of consolation – but little concrete help. No matter what he was doing, whether it’s ethically wrong, summarizes a User of the Dilemma. Others give more points of view, to the Pause96 even has not thought of: What happens when children come? Then the probability would be very high, that his daughter could not be a good mother, writes a User.

In such stories, which are published anonymously, it is possible to check the truth content.

Source: Reddit

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