How dangerous is the Coronavirus for Germany? Charité-virologist answers

The Coronavirus in China continues to spread. Charité-virologist Christian Drosten explained how dangerous the Virus is.

O-TON Christian Drosten, Charité-virologist “It is very difficult at the Moment to tell you how dangerous that is as a whole. What we can see currently, are the figures of the Reporting. There are a number of patients that is infected, and a number died. We have at the same time but effects that distort this impression in both directions. The first is that we overestimate at the beginning of the infection, the epidemic always as a heavy. This is simply because: The eye-catching cases to fall, and the Unremarkable are not included in the statistics. And these are the Mild, the survival. At the same time we also have a limited offsetting effect: Of the listed cases, some have died, there are very many people with evidence of infection but still very sick. It is a bit hard to say, but it is also, of course, of which patients die are.”

The number of infections soars currently faster than in the early phase of Sars – why?

O-TON Christian Drosten, Charité-virologist, “You can speculate about it only. One thing has changed since Sars in particular: the mobility of Chinese society. You do not need to schedule for a Declaration, perhaps not necessarily in the Virus and its diversity, but rather at this point. And since you can of course hope that measures such as travel restrictions have a positive effect.”