How to Convince Your Boss to Give You a Flexible Working Arrangement?

Tired of working from 9 am to 5 pm every day? Want to experience the convenience of working within the comforts of your home? Want to escape the hassle of commuting during peak hours? You may want to start asking for a flexible working arrangement.

In fact, 70% of the millennials today believe that with the flexible working arrangement, they increased their productivity at work. But is it possible to arrange a flexible working arrangement with your boss? Here’s what the experts have to say.

The New Working Trend

In the United Kingdom, the employees are entitled to request flexible working arrangements if they’ve rendered continuous work for the same employer for the last 26 weeks. Just this year, the government of UK set up a task force in early 2018 to evaluate the effectiveness of the Right to Request Flexible Working Regulations. If deemed effective, further guidelines, plans, and recommendations will be implemented in 2019.

The UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa Gray, called the attention of employers to offer a flexible working schedule to their employees from day one as part of the country’s effort to close the gender gap pay. This new regulation draws a mixed reaction between the companies and employees. 

The United Kingdom wants its employees to have more freedom and choices with regards to their work.

For example, some companies  found sharing desks and working stations make their employees more productive. They also noticed how their employees seemed happier when they have more time and freedom to have a better life/work balance.

However, some companies are still reluctant in straying from the traditional office working hours since they think it might affect their sales and will be spending more money, time, and investments. It may take a while to persuade older managers in offering their employees a flexible working arrangement and reap its benefits.

With that in mind, the career mentors recommend you consider these things first before requesting for a flexible working arrangement.

Determine the Company’s Culture and Policy.

It’s recommended to talk with your boss or HR to know if your company offers a flexible working policy.

Before you request for a flexible working policy, you need to determine whether or not your company offers one. If you have the manual or company’s guidelines, you need to read it thoroughly to understand the process before meeting your manager.

According to Leyla Okhai, the founder of Diverse Minds, the policy will outline the time frames of your company’s work policies. If no policy exists, you need to learn and understand your company culture to determine if they’re open to flexibility. Other managers might be more understanding with regards to your request, while others might not.

Know the Operations of Your Business Activities.

It’s recommended to talk with your boss or HR to know if your company offers a flexible working policy.

Just like when you file a leave, it’s important you time-in your proposal where the company isn’t in its peak operation. You need to determine when your manager or boss will need you the most.

Are there specific meetings, tasks, and projects that take place in a few weeks’ or months’ time? Specific deadlines and important company events you can’t miss out? Take these into consideration and mark them in your calendar first. For example, your manager might not approve your proposal during the Holiday Season. So try to time in your proposal where your business operation is lying low.

Show You’re Flexible At Work Too

Since you’re asking for a flexible working arrangement, the head coach of Balance Collective Clara Wilcox says you should also show to your employers you’re flexible at work too. So as much as possible, try working hard to become a better employee.

Submit your work on time before the deadline, be productive, don’t hesitate to extend help to your co-workers. If your manager requests for an overtime once in a while, take one as long as your schedule permits. When your employer see how hardworking, you are, your employer is likely to give you the same favor.

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