Immediately help against hay fever and Allergy

Finally comes the spring, with mild temperatures – also hay fever patients can clearly see that the pollen season is in full swing. Particularly, the birch at the beginning of April to be pollen many to load. The chamber of pharmacists of Bremen declared, which means, now against itchy eyes and sneezing attacks help.

The reason why especially the nose and eyes are affected by hay fever, can be explained by the high number of mast cells in the nasal mucosa and conjunctiva explain. Mast cells distribute in case of contact with allergens, histamine, skin swelling of the nasal mucosa and increased Secretion leads. Also sneezing attacks and itching are triggered by the neurotransmitter. "Birch pollen prepare the most problems, since they are most likely allergies auslösen", Dr. Richard Klämbt explained, a pharmacist from Bremen.

In case of allergic symptoms, antihistamines like loratadine and cetirizine in the medium of first choice. They are effective, well tolerated, and hardly tired. Good and fast help promise also antihistamines in the Form of administrable preparations: nasal spray and eye drops. Within a quarter of an hour the effect starts with a H1-antihistamine. Drugs such as Azelastine and Levocabastine are used locally as eye drops or nasal spray, and also provide up to twelve hours. If no improvement, is the use of cortisone preparations is possible – however, in previous consultation with the doctor. "Glucocorticoids all prevent or alleviate allergic reactions associated Entzündungen", the chamber President explained. They act both on the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes as well as swelling and anti-inflammatory in the bronchial system.

Who would want to prevent at an early stage, is to consult with the active ingredients of cromolyn sodium and Nedocromil sodium well. They act as mast cell stabilizers and cause the body to less histamine release. The hay fever-symptomatology is attenuated. The agents act in a rule, however, not immediately, but only after about two to three weeks. The application must be carried out regularly several times a day.

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