Insulating the room, revenge, rinse, wait four hours: two doctors explain the quarantine expiration

In China, the Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly: The number of reported patients rose to about 9700, 213 people died. The developments prompted the world health organization on Thursday evening, a “public health emergency of international concern” declare – provides for, among other things, coordination of crisis measures between the 190 member countries.

Outside China, the number of detected infections is still manageable: 120 people in approximately 20 countries are suffering. In Germany there are so far five confirmed infections – the Bavarian Ministry of health confirmed on Thursday evening a further case. The patient is also an employee of the company Webasto from the district of Starnberg, where all the other Patients are busy. The starting point of the infection, a colleague from China, who had resided for a training in Germany.


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Close contact with persons in home quarantine

Shortly after the discovery of the first case are Lars what a pity, head of the center for Biological hazards at the Robert Koch Institute had stated that it is important “to prevent a subsidiary of the outbreak in Germany as much as possible.” For close contacts of a Diseased, the health Department would allow “home quarantine Vera, up to the end of the 14. Day after the last contact with the patient.” In this time, the contact persons are to be documented with the help of a diary of your health, the health Department will compile data on a daily basis. “Is anything noticeable, it will be tested the Person and isolated.”


Not only in Munich, also in other hospitals are currently being tested for suspected cases of the Coronavirus. At the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) there were yet “few persons,” says Marylyn Addo, head of the section for infection studies at the request of the star. For all the all-clear could be given. “The play has yet to be in a very small frame. We have very many requests from people who were, for example, in Asia, but the most you can exclude is mostly due to the travel history already,” says Addo.


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A case of suspicion to be tested is pre-informed to the Central emergency room. “The Patient is then placed in an insulated room which is accessible from outside, and do not need to enter the er at all,” declared the Physician. “In the isolation room, we may collect medical history of the person, examine him, and the diagnostics can be initiated. The Virus to prove we need the best deep respiratory material, i.e. Sputum, the coughing. Alternatively, a mouth – and throat swab or throat rinsing. The actual Test, we make right on the UKE. Until the results are available, it takes around four hours. As long as the Patient spends in Isolation.”

Coronavirus-Diseased to normal infection station

If confirmed, the Patient is in an isolation room with Vorschleuse on the Infectious disease ward. “The Doctors and nurses would look after then with the RKI recommended protective measures such as protective glasses, mouth protection, gloves, and gown the patient,” says Addo.

A Special isolation ward, as it is arranged approximately for Ebola patients – is, in the case of the Coronavirus is not necessary. The stress, the doctors who care for the Sick in Munich, Germany. Although the patients are available in Insulating, in which a vacuum prevails – the Escape of the Virus should be prevented. But this is not absolutely necessary, explain to the Munich-based experts. The Patients will remain in the hospital until the Virus in body fluids cannot be detected any more. After you are released.

Also, doctors are sensitized to the novel Virus: a suspected case in a practice, he must be isolated in a separate room. As a suspected case, a person applies for example, if he has respiratory problems and earlier contact with an infected Person. The Patient is given a breathing mask and is first tested on Influenza – this was, after all, more likely as a Coronavirus infection, said a spokesman for the Bavarian health Ministry on request of the DPA news Agency. The doctor would wear in the course of sampling a mouth protection, eye protection, gown and gloves. The swab or a sample of sputum to be sent into a laboratory – delivered by a normal courier, if in compliance with special packaging requirements.

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