Legal Doping: So you drive with coffee your brain to peak performance – Video

From the head via the heart to the stomach: coffee has a positive impact on the whole body and helps to get the brain going. FOCUS Online explains how you can positive effect on the best.

As a watch-maker, as a Ritual or just as a beverage – coffee is an integral part of everyday life for many people. There are dozens of studies, the him positive, but also negative effects on the body said.

The smell of coffee for better math scores

An Experiment has now shown that alone the smell of coffee can enhance the math performance. In so doing, economic sections of students in an Algebra Test is significantly better if you sat in a room with the aroma of coffee. However, this bizarre outcome is the result of the Placebo effect. Only the expectation that coffee could help improve performance, helps the brain appears to perform better.

Coffee in brain

In fact, there are also research results that confirm that coffee can bring the brain up to speed:

The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore published in 2014 a study shows that caffeine consumption increases the storage capacity of the memory. Moreover, caffeine releases the hormone adrenaline. This indicates to the organism, it is a stress-inducing Situation. The body responds in a similar way to a risk situation – with the release of additional energy. As a result, the attention and concentration increases, in order to escape the fake threat.

Caffeine helps the brain to solve both simple as well as complex cognitive tasks, researchers discovered already in the year 2013. Coffee can lead in everyday life, in fact, to achieve maximum performance.