Smoking is also harmful for the eyes

In comparison to non-smokers, smokers have become ill at almost twice the risk of the Green Star. Also other eye diseases that can in the long term, and if left untreated, lead to blindness, occur in smokers earlier and more often. The Foundation, eye points.

The Green Star is the second most common cause of loss of vision in Germany. About 15 percent of the cases of blindness are due to this disease, which is caused by damage to the optic nerve due to increased intraocular pressure.

A current Review suggest that Smoking increases the risk of developing a Green Star, to an average of 88 percent. Reason is influences in addition to the direct toxic that nicotine leads consumption to circulatory disorders, cell damage, and intraocular pressure increases. The good news is that stopping Smoking reduces the risk of disease significantly. Among former smokers, it is only a little more than a quarter of non-smokers.

Smoke attacks the Tränenfilm to

A further study has shown that cigarettes also increase the risk for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) significantly. In addition, smokers are diagnosed compared to non-smokers, on average, more than five years earlier to the wet Form of AMD, which is in the elderly the most common cause of blindness. Also cataracts and dry eyes occur in smokers more often than non-smokers. "The tear film of the eye acts as a protective shield for the surface of the eye. This is seriously disturbed by smoke, the eye more prone to Verletzungen", Professor Dr. med says. Christian Ohrloff, media spokesman for the Foundation eye.

For the eye health, it do also is hardly a difference, whether you smoke traditional cigarettes or E-cigarettes. "Also, the vapor from E-cigarettes engages the surface of the eye an", Ohrloff says. Anyone who wants to protect his eyes, ought to abandon the best of both, advises the expert.



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