The Audio Statement from Angela Merkel on 1. April 2020

In the Corona-crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not the end of the restrictions in a view. “I can to this question, how long will this take, make any statements at this time,” said the CDU politician on Wednesday after telephone consultations with the Minister presidents of the Länder. The countries have decided to the limitations of public life together, and they wanted to finish together, if it was so far.

The treatment of severe Covid-19 cases in intensive care spent, on average, well over two weeks and takes longer than expected. Therefore, it had to come to this, that the number of cases until all of the “12, 13, 14 days,” double said Merkel. “We want to avoid an Overload,” she said, with a view to the health system. “Therefore, we can proceed from step to step, from one date to another.” The situation should be assessed on Tuesday after Easter again.

I think the people in the country – I hope, and I also support my expectations – understand and do not want, that we are in a difficult position. Just for the groups that we protect particularly namely the Elderly, the disabled, the Vorerkrankten,” said Merkel. “And this understanding, for that I thank you. That’s the hallmark of our society. The article 1 of our basic law is “The Dignity of man is inviolable”, and lived in the moment, and I am very grateful, and so we have to conduct ourselves even more.”