The Bremen medical Association considers homeopathy-training for “silly”

The Bremen chamber of Physicians has decided that from next year there are no recognised training courses and examinations for Doctors on the subject of homeopathy and more. For the treatment method scientific evidence of their effectiveness is missing, “” it said in the decision that was decided in the context of a new training procedure, which will apply from July 2020.

The Federal chamber of physicians in your pattern training procedure, however, is that training to homeopathy for medical doctors. At the country level, the chambers of Physicians can decide individually whether they want to offer the training or not.

“The decision was taken with us unanimously,” says Heidrun lattice, President of the Bremen chamber of Physicians, the “Weser-Kurier”. “A structured continuing education including curriculum and tests for methods and means to offer, the effect of which is scientifically comprehensible, which we found a bit silly.” It is difficult, when Knowledge is being tested to drugs, whose substance is so highly diluted that they contain no active ingredient.

“I get congratulations from all over the Republic, and even a bouquet of flowers,” says mesh. Praise is to be made, for example, the münster circle, an Association of Doctors who deal critically with alternative medicine. “Bremen have set standards that are, hopefully, other provinces immediately to the guide,” says Bettina Schöne-Seifert, the initiator of the münster circle, the “Weser-Kurier”.

Is attacked as a result, the therapy freedom?

Criticism for the initiative came from the German Central Association of homeopathic Doctors: The medical Association have decided against the interests of the patients and against the strengthening of the freedom of Therapy, it said in a communication to the Chairman Michaela Geiger is quoted. “Some 7,000 Doctors with additional qualification in homeopathy in Germany for therapy of pluralism and do not want a ‘mono-culture’ in medicine,” she said therefore. “75 percent of Germans want a pluralistic Integrative medicine.”

In Germany, there is strong debate, whether health insurance companies should assume the costs of, among others, Globules, or not. The kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung, or SPD Deputy Karl Lauterbach have already spoken out in favour of statutory health insurance funds reimbursement of homeopathic remedies in. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), however, does not want to interfere with the assumption of costs by the health insurance companies.

Homeopathy is not part of the power catalogue of statutory health insurance. However, refund a lot of funds Insured homeopathic treatment cost as a voluntary performance, because there is a demand. This is also a tool in the competitive struggle.