We sacrifice 500 children each year – the most important quotes from the Doctors-appeal-Talk

It is a programme with the sometimes terrifying was findings: Sandra maischberger has discussed the mttwoch evening in her talk show on the topic: “Doctors complain: hospitals Are dangerous to patients?”. Inspired by the title history of the star to the Doctors appeal delivered maisch Bergers guests a partly emotional discussion about the question, whether in German hospitals, and the health of the patients, the pursuit of profit is subordinated to one – for example, due to frequent Operate.

Here you can read the most remarkable statements from the shipment.

Eckart von Hirschhausen (medical doctor and TV-Moderator):

Eckart von Hirschhausen gave the audience five questions that you should dare to ask a doctor prior to treatment:

1. Where is the Benefit?

2. Where is the harm?

3. Where is the proof?

4. What happens if we wait and watch?

5. If I were your family member, would you recommend me still?

Gerald Gass (President of the German hospital society):

Bernhard Albrecht (star-science editor and medical professionals):

Maike Manz (Ob / GYN, with a focus on obstetrics, the former chief doctor):

Karin Maag (health policy spokeswoman of the CDU/CSU):

Jana Long (Nurse):

Doctors are calling for in the star: people before Profit!

Many Doctors and Physicians are experiencing in the hospital for intractable conflicts. You are supposed to heal patients – and with them, profits. A System that makes you sick. In the starcover story, demanding far more than 200 Doctors a fundamental Reform of the hospital sector. More Doctors may join the appeal. The full list of signatories is available here.

Are you a Doctor, or a doctor?

If you want to support the physician appeal (Read more here) in particular, please write to us at [email protected] In order to verify that you are really a Doctor, or a doctor, we need you to provide the following information (only to the point of 1-3 is released):

1. the full name

2. Specialist designation and function

3. Place of work

4. Employer

5. E-mail from a verifiable Account (e.g., your practice, your employer)

6. Helpful: Website appearance of your practice or your employer with information to you

You should see examples that show how economic pressures influence medical decisions, write to us about this. We will then confidentially contact you.

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