Oatmilk Can’t Wait to Go Home and Already Loves You a Latte!

Are you looking for a splash of something light to brighten up your days? The lovely Oatmilk is here to make your home perfectly balanced!

If Oatmilk could talk, she would say, “Don’t come to me, let me come to you!” The best ways to win this fantastic NYC-based feline over are with delicious treats and playtime. Wand toys bring out her inner kitten—they’re a great way for her to build confidence and to form a bond with her adopter. Oatmilk is a little shy when it comes to petting, so she’s looking for that special someone who understands this and will provide her with unconditional love. Once she gets to know you, she’ll surely return the favor!

When Oatmilk isn’t poured into her bed for a catnap, she’ll likely be found sitting in the cubby of her cat tree—she loves cozy spaces! Like her non-diary namesake, she will need some time to settle to room temperature in a new environment. Oatmeal’s ideal adopters would be patient and understanding with her as she adjusts to her new home, and they’d give her the time and space she needs to get comfortable.

Oatmilk would probably do best in a home with teens and up. She has previously lived with other cats, but it is unknown how she felt about them. It is also unknown how she would do with a dog in the home. Adopters should use a slow approach and avoid forced interactions—slow and steady is the way to Oatmilk’s heart! A Matchmaker will be able to provide you with information about her medical needs and tips to help set her up for success in your home.

If you feel it’s time to have a cup of cuteness in your life, and you live in the tri-state area, visit Oatmeal’s profile to fill out an application!

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