With Some TLC, This Shy Kitty Will Open Up and “Trot” by Your Side

Some say that all the best things in life take time. No one knows this better than our adorable girl Trot!

Trot has many delightful qualities (and she knows it!), but she prefers to share these qualities with people who have taken the time to get to know her. She highly values patience and tranquility. If you provide Trot with a quiet, loving home, you will soon be rewarded with a doting couch companion. An adopter with a slow and steady approach is sure to win her heart and see her blossom in the home.

Trot is working on being more comfortable with petting, but she is open to it whenever food is involved! She’ll benefit from an adopter who can give her the space and time she needs to warm up to a new environment and help her come out of her shell. In time, she’ll be sure to thank you for all your patience with lots of affectionate headbutts!

Trot would probably do best in a home with teens and up, and has previously lived with other cats, but it is unknown if she enjoyed their company. It is also unknown how Trot would do with a dog. A Matchmaker can give you tips on how to set Trot up for success!

If you have the peaceful home in the tri-state area that Trot has been searching for, check out her profile to submit an application!

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