Your Purr-sonal Assistants Are Here to Make You Smile!

While we all grapple with new realities during the COVID-19 crisis, the ASPCA is committed to supporting our nation’s vulnerable animals, pet parents in need and animal welfare groups. And as we’re spending more time at home, we realized that we have some pretty special souls by our sides who have always been there through thick and thin—our pets! 

Our furry friends have seen us through so much, and as so many of us are now experiencing prolonged periods of time with them, and possibly working from home, we wanted to share some ASPCA purr-fessionals doing…whatever it may be…that they do best! Enjoy these animals as they “help” their humans at home. We’re sending pawsitivity and plenty of puppy love to all during these challenging times. 

Twiggy’s been struggling to keep up with emails while her brother, Fin, shamelessly naps on the job.

Jack, Penny’ and Colby have figured out how to add “playtime” to their mom’s calendar, and they don’t appreciate tardiness!

Squirtle has been really embracing not having to primp for the office.

Tofu’s been an excellent Executive Assistant to the house Corgi Treat Officer (CTO).

Sanford has been taking his supervisory role VERY seriously, while Blanche has been acting as head of security.

Rufus is too polite to ask, but he would REALLY like his dad to share the fish if he’s gonna microwave it.

Humphrey just wants to remind everyone, as far as he’s concerned, the work from home dress code is still business casual.

Claire and Ad Hoc have really discovered their passion for marketing.

Jeff is still getting used to this videoconferencing thing…

Sadie and Joy just want to remind their mom not to work TOO hard.

Remy and Scoop have been trying their paws at writing – Remy’s still working on that bedhead.

Papa is very concerned about reminding his mom to stretch every hour!

Meanwhile, Mervin is not about to change his schedule just because his dad is home 24/7.

Lion-o has already mastered Excel, and Luna is conducting daily box inspections.

And Taco really doesn’t see what’s so challenging about this “job” of his mom’s.

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