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Ever wonder what the queen eats to stay so healthy at her age? With the world’s best chefs and ingredients at her fingertips, Queen Elizabeth’s eating habits are not what you’d expect. In fact, they’re quite simple — and rarely ever change.

Discover the eating habits Queen Elizabeth swears by for a long and healthy life, ahead.

Queen Elizabeth eats four meals a day. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Four meals a day

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth’s eating habits, she prefers to keep things light and simple. Instead of eating a feast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, her royal highness prefers four light meals a day.

Small portions

Speaking of light meals, the queen rarely goes overboard with food. She is strict with her eating habits, and her plate usually consists of small portions.

The queen prefers grilled fish for dinner. | Gbh007/iStock/Getty Images

Fish is preferred

The queen eats many traditional English types of meat — such as chicken and lamb — but prefers grilled fish. In fact, it’s almost always on the menu.

Seasonal fruits and veggies

The key to Queen Elizabeth’s health? Seasonal fruits and veggies. She’ll sometimes go as far as eating seasonal produce grown on the grounds of Balmoral Castle.

The queen sips on Darjeeling tea during tea time. | Artfully79/iStock/Getty Images

Darjeeling tea

Queen Elizabeth takes tea time very seriously — but you won’t see her reach for the English breakfast. One of the queen’s favorite teas to sip on is Darjeeling. Rich in antioxidants, Darjeeling tea offers a variety of health benefits, including immunity protection, anti-aging, and more.

Chocolate cake

The queen might have some healthy eating habits, but she also has a major sweet tooth. One of her favorite indulgences? Chocolate biscuit cake. In fact, she rarely leaves home without a slice. “She’ll take a small slice every day until eventually there is only one tiny piece,” royal chef Darren McGrady told Recipes Plus.

Gin and Dubonnet with lemon

After the queen eats her breakfasts and tends to her morning duties — which usually consists of answering hundreds of letters — she makes herself a cocktail. Her drink of choice? Gin and Dubonnet with lemon.

Queen Elizabeth has champagne for dessert. | iStock/Getty Images

Fruit and champagne for dessert

Buckingham Palace always has dessert on the menu. However, it’s not what you think it is. While the queen would probably prefer to eat another sliver of her beloved chocolate biscuit cake after dinner, she usually opts for something fresh and light, such as strawberries or peaches, and washes it down with a glass of champagne.

No starch or garlic allows

Despite its astounding health benefits, the queen is not a fan of garlic and does not allow it in Buckingham Palace. Also, she tries to avoid starches as much as possible and only warrants pasta on special occasions like Christmas or state dinners.

Discipline is key

The key to Queen Elizabeth’s healthy eating habits? Discipline. From her portion sizes to her restrictions list, the queen remains disciplined with her diet and tries to have fresh and light items on the menu as much as possible.

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