Jennifer Garner Shows How To Make Fresh Lemonade — Her ‘Favorite Dry January Treat’

For those of us doing Dry January this year, those cravings for a fruity cocktail are getting pretty strong right about now. A glass of cold fruit juice from the store may do the job, but for Jennifer Garner, fresh lemonade is the best way to curb those cravings. And her three-ingredient recipe comes together in just a few minutes.

Tagging her post #PretendCookingShow, Garner wrote in the caption, “Why does lemonade have to mean summer? Citrus is booming in LA, begging to be made into bright, sunshine-filled, California Lemonade. You probably know this one, but what the heck—I like having the ratios handy—here you go!”

Garner pulled the perfect sugar-to-water-to-lemon juice ratio from Simply Recipes but notes that you can use less sugar for a tangier-tasting lemonade.

The first step in making Garner’s “favorite dry January treat,” is to craft a simple syrup by dissolving the sugar in water over heat. “As soon as the grittiness is gone when you stir, turn it off [and] let it cool,” Garner says in her video.

While the syrup is heating, you can start juicing your citrus fruits — and no, you don’t have to stick to just lemons! “Size and quantity will vary, but 4 [to] 6 lemons (I use a lemon heavy blend of all kinds of citrus) should be enough for 1 cup of juice,” Garner wrote.

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The final step is to mix the citrus juice with the simple syrup into a pitcher and dilute it with more water before letting it chill in the fridge. When you’re ready to serve, pour over ice, and “Add a little soda water if you’re fancy,” Garner added.

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So if you’re looking for that citrus fix you usually get from a cocktail or you’re enjoying the harvesting of fruits during citrus season like Garner is, this lemonade recipe is easy, refreshing, and will definitely brighten up your winter!

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