The Investigation Discovery Wine Club Is Here for All You True-Crime Lovers

Attention, wine-loving Murderinos! There is a new wine club on the market, and after some sleuthing, we can guarantee it’s the only one on the market that will give you both the wine and the true-crime realness you crave.

The Investigation Discovery Wine Club is here to soothe your nerves after your umpteenth re-watching of the shows on the true-crime network and it’s brethren — can I get a shoutout for fans of Making a Murderer, The Staircase, Evil Genius and, of course, the classic Law & Order: SVU?

The wine club is brought to us by ID, the true-crime network that my mother lovingly calls the "death and mayhem" channel. The initial shipment consists of six bottles of wine, including three wines inspired by Investigation Discovery and three deluxe wines from across the globe. After that, members will receive bimonthly shipments of six bottles of wine, including one ID-inspired bottle.

You’ll have the opportunity to rate the wines as you receive them, so each box is catered more and more to your tastes.

Imagine sitting back to listen to the latest episode of My Favorite Murder or Criminal Minds while sipping on a glass of The Perfect Accomplice Sauvignon Blanc or My My My Merlot. After all, when listening to tales of murder, revenge and destruction, it’s good to have a little something on hand to keep you relaxed. And when one of those infamous cases is finally solved (Golden State Killer capture party, anyone?), you can pour a glass of true-crime wine to toast to justice with your friends.

You can get your introductory shipment of the ID wine club for just $49.95. After that, the bimonthly shipments of six bottles is $89.95, which comes out to a reasonable $15 or so per bottle. The world is a crazy place, as Investigation Discovery constantly shows… so why not treat yourself to a little something nice?

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