Your No. 1 Favorite Kind of Pizza, As Revealed By Your Astrological Sign

Pizza: Everyone loves it, and it’s one food that will never, ever go out of style. Like, ever. But you already knew that, because pizza is one of your favorite foods — naturally. And it turns out, more than just your taste buds can determine your pizza preferences. Crazy as it may sound, your astrological sign may play a part, too.

Interested in seeing whether your favorite kind of pizza aligns with your astrological sign? Read on to find out.

Note: All information referenced is thanks to DiGiorno’s, because it’s not (just) delivery, it’s astrology, too. 

DiGiorno’s pizzascope

What’s your sign? | DiGiorno

Before we dig right in, we need to explain where this information came from. The pizza-loving experts at DiGiorno crafted this cheeky “pizzascope” to help consumers choose which pizza is right for them. Or, if we’re being honest, they created the infograph based on pure speculation in an effort to entertain. And entertain they did.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?

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Aries: Pan-style pizza

Pan-style pepperoni pizza | iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Loves a challenge

Pan pizza makes us think of one place, and one place only. That place is Pizza Hut. Back when the Hut was slinging nothing but its original style of deep dish pizza, it was still acceptable to eat it. But those days are gone, because really, does anyone still eat Pizza Hut? Not really.

Despite the demise of the aforementioned chain, the Aries loves a good pan-style pizza. Clearly, the trend is back and better than ever, and this ambitious sign knows the value of looking for the latest craze.

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Taurus: Pepperoni

Pepperoni pizza | bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Reliable

You can always count on the dependable Taurus. He’s practical and reliable, and it shows in his pizza preferences. Case in point: A pepperoni pizza is always a solid go-to for this Zodiac sign.

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Gemini: Hawaiian

Pineapple and Ham Hawaiian Pizza | bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Adventurous

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying a Hawaiian pizza pushes the boundaries for most people, at least those who prefer their pizza a bit more basic, that is. But that’s not the Gemini. Quite the opposite, this curious sign loves to try new things, and what’s more adventurous than a pie topped with bacon and pineapple?

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Cancer: Mac and cheese

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza | LauriPatterson/iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Imaginative

Pizza may not be the most imaginative food out there, nor is mac and cheese. But together? Well, that’s a combo we can support. And it’s one the highly imaginative Cancer can, too. And quite frankly, a slice of mac and cheese pizza sounds like a slice of heaven. Yum.

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Leo: Meat lovers

Meat lovers pizza | iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Bold

Is there ever enough meat on a pizza? That’s a question the always-bold Leo would ask. Of course, the answer would be no, at least in his eyes. We can’t say the same for the next sign on the list.

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Virgo: Four cheese

Four cheese pizza | iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Practical

The Virgo is kind, loyal, and practical, so it’s no surprise he’s a repeat customer of this classic pie. After all, is there anything more practical, consistent, or classic than your basic four cheese? Not really.  

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Libra: Half sausage and half pepperoni

Half pepperoni half sausage pizza | Joe_Potato/iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Balanced

The Libra is constantly searching for balance. But with those ever-fluctuating scales in mind, he hardly ever finds it. Alas! There’s a pizza that’ll cure all the Libra’s worries, and that’s one whose toppings are split evenly. After all, the Libra is all about being fair, so this is the perfect compromise for appeasing both sides.  

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Scorpio: Red pepper flakes

Pizza with peppers, pepperoni, and red pepper flakes | sfe-co2/iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Edgy

The Scorpio is brave and passionate, yet stubborn. And what says all those things better than a pizza covered in red pepper flakes? OK, it’s a loose comparison, but you see where we’re going here. Rest assured, a Scorpio will not be disappointed with a hot slice of this.

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Sagittarius: Supreme

Supreme pizza | iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Jokester

There’s no doubt the Sagittarius loves a good joke, and he’ll typically go all out to achieve just that. Furthermore, he’s not worried whether what he says might deeply offend another. So, what’s his perfect pie? A supreme, of course, because really, it’s not for everyone. But the Sagittarius doesn’t care.

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Capricorn: Spinach, mushroom, and garlic pizza

Spinach and mushroom pizza | aga7ta/iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Responsible

Responsible and disciplined, the Capricorn has self-control in spades. So, it’s not much of a surprise he’d love a well-balanced pizza. Say, one with spinach, mushroom, and garlic — just enough greens to excuse the pizza, itself.

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Aquarius: Margherita

Margherita pizza | iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Original

With a true knack for being original, the Aquarius tends to be uncompromising, as well. That said, a classic Margherita pizza — which was famously born in Naples, Italy, by the way — is the way to go for an Aquarius.

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Pisces: Whatever the group wants

Group of friends eating pizza | monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

  • A defining trait: Go with the flow

The compassionate and gentle Pisces prefers to not rock the boat, which is good news for his friends. Particularly, it’s good news for his friends with whom he likes to eat pizza. Turns out, the Pisces will be OK with just about anything everyone else wants to order.

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DiGiorno is everyone’s favorite frozen pizza

Spinach mushroom and garlic pizza | Digiorno

Speaking of everyone’s favorite pizza, we’d be remiss not to mention this tidbit of information. Because hey, why not? As luck would have it, DiGiorno is the reigning champ of frozen pizzas, proving there’s at least one thing the pizza-loving community can agree on.

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The most hated pizza chains

Papa John’s | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Yes, it’s time to cue the massive eye roll. As you know, there are plenty of pizza chains that absolutely no dedicated pizza enthusiast would ever consider. Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Little Caesar’s, for instance, top that list.

So, go forth, live your best life, and eat your favorite pizza. Because really, any pizza is good pizza, no matter what your sign.

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