6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Sports Bras

There is nothing worse than making it to the gym to realize you forgot your sports bra. Without them your workout would be pretty painful and probably quite inappropriate! Here are some fascinating facts we’ve found on your fitness friend.

They only came about in the 70s

Let’s take a moment to remember all of the poor women before 1975. The “Free Swing Tennis Bra” was one of the first prototypes to come onto the market although it offered next to no support it was the start of something huge.

The jockstrap was used as inspiration

We aren’t joking. Lisa Lindahl and Polly Smith were the next people to develop a bra that made running comfortable. Lindahl’s husband jokingly said they needed a “jockbra” or a jockstrap for women – so yes they did indeed sew two jockstraps together. Woah. Eventually, they teamed up with Hinda Miller and the Jogbra was born – the first sports bra that resembles something you would actually wear to the gym.

Individual cup sizes

It wasn’t until the late 80s that women decided wearing two sports bras was ridiculous. Renelle Braaten, an avid volleyball player designed a hybrid that combined the popular compression style bra with encapsulating cups. These babies known as the Enell Sports Bra are still on the market and are best known for their front clasps! 

You can get a degree in boob movement

Yep that’s right, researchers at the University of Portsmouth really do measure boob movement for a living. One of the most interesting findings to date is that boobs move just as much during a slow jog as they do sprinting, so a good sports bra is a necessity no matter what workout your doing.

They hold EVERYTHING in place

All women know how much that boob movement can hurt! University of Portsmouth studies have found that full coverage sports bras like the Triaction Performance by Triumph can reduce bounce by up to 76%.

They dont last forever

Just like your favourite joggers, sports bras don’t last forever. They should be replaced regularly depending on how often you exercise, as they become less supportive with age. Triumph recommends updating your sports bras every 6-12 months.

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