New ‘faces’ of Percy Pig sweets revealed as the M&S character faces the axe

He’s a British institution beloved by kids and adults alike.

So it was with some sadness that the news of Percy Pig’s potential demise was met.

Introduced in 1992, the gummy Marks & Spencer sweets have long been a firm favourite in the UK, but could face the axe as Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt considers banning cartoon characters promoting sweets.

That’s not stopped Percy’s little family from expanding, however.

While Percy’s future hangs in the balance, the "new" face of the sweets have been launched, as Marks & Spencer launch "Percy’s Parents".

Much like Kris Jenner loves the letter ‘K’, these pigs’ names also follow a pattern, with Percy’s parents’ names being Patricia and Pops.

The new additions cost £1.65 for a 170g bag and contain 750 calories.

However, as mentioned, Percy’s days could be numbered, so you may want to stock up now.

Ministers are looking at plans to prevent "licenced characters, cartoon characters and celebrities" as part of the government’s wider strategy to reduce obesity in children.

Percy Pig is one of many brands in which playful cartoons are part of an overarching marketing strategy, as is Collin the Caterpillar and other family favourites.

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