Start Adding these Unusual yet Healthy Ingredients In Your Next Meal!

When it comes to preparing our meals, we tend to shop the ingredients we know. We tend to stay away from weird ingredients we don’t know whether or not they’ll be delicious and beneficial to our meals. But according to health experts, you should start incorporating these unusual yet healthy ingredients to revamp your food and unlock its powerful health benefits. Start updating your grocery list now!


Are you looking for a natural sweetener substitute without spiking up your blood sugar levels? Then the health experts recommend you try mesquite. The plant’s bark and pods are popular as a natural sweetener in North and South America for thousands of years. Its naturally low glycemic index makes it an appealing sweetener for patients suffering Diabetes to stabilize their blood sugar levels.

The mesquite pods and barks have been used as a popular natural sweetener for thousands of years.

Mesquite is also rich in fiber and protein, making it an ideal food to incorporate when you’re trying losing weight. Moreover, its dreamy vanilla-like earthy flavor makes it easier for you to mix it with smoothies or when you bake your favorite recipes. Bonus point: mesquite makes your drink more delicious and mouth-watering when paired with cacao, so it’s perfect to concoct your favorite hot chocolate or mocha lattes!

Goji berries

Often found from the Himalayas. These goji berries (a.k.a wolfberries) are little powerhouse berries rich in antioxidants, copper, protein, selenium, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Due to their impressive natural profile they are also rich in fiber and protein, making it an ideal food to incorporate when you’re trying losing weight. These berries have been widely used in Chinese medicine for two millennia.
Studies also show eating goji berries can help in boosting your metabolism and vitality. It’s also rich in fiber which makes it a crunchy addition to your breakfast cereal or smoothie bowls to make you feel fuller longer. You can also add dried goji berry in your hot water to drink a caffeine-free version of goji berry tea.

Spirulina and E3Live

Most chefs use E3live and spirulina to make your favorite blue smoothies, Unicorn lattes, and yogurt bowls.

Spirulina has been gaining popularity in the health and fitness world due to its awesome health benefits and nutritional value. It is a blue-green algae rich in vitamins B-1, B-2, and B-3, copper, iron, and protein.

Meanwhile, the E3Live is the one responsible behind the recent blue food trend that’s been flooding your news feeds. Aside from their mermaid-like looks, both algae are packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to boost your energy. You can use spirulina and E3live in your salad dressings or smoothies.


If you haven’t incorporated mushrooms into your diet yet, now’s the perfect time to include it! It’s common how medicinal mushrooms have been consumed by most people for a long time now. Several scientific studies have also emerged stating the health benefits the mushroom kingdom has to offer to improve our well-being. Cordyceps help treats fatigue, boost your intimacy drive, as well as other health conditions.
If you want to buy cordyceps, make sure to look for the full-spectrum powder and include it in your lattes and smoothies. It helps optimize your exercise performance, lowers inflammation, encourages heart health, as well as manag your blood sugar levels for Diabetic patients. Other studies also show how cordyceps can slow down the progression of tumors.


Ashwagandha helps in boosting your brain functions, making you more alert and focused.

This medicinal herb is believed to help in managing your anxiety, depression, and stress. Another study also shows how it’s rich in anti-cancer properties. You can add 1/2 teaspoon of Ashwagandha to your matcha latte or smoothie so that it won’t overpower your drink due to its strong smell. You can drink it whenever you’re feeling stressed or burned out to ease the tensions in your body and promote relaxation.

Kudzu (or kuzu)

A root native to Japan, this herb has been used for centuries due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its thick consistency makes it a great thickener for your cream-based smoothies and sauces. According to studies, kuzu helps strengthen your circulatory and digestive systems. It also calms your body to treat headaches and hangovers. Kuzu is usually sold in dried form, which can be used to make your creamy and thick pudding. You can eat a kuzu pudding with coconut milk if your stomach is feeling off to treat it naturally.

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