Woman blasts ‘ridiculous’ hen do demand- then mocks bride for ‘exhausting’ night

Hen dos are a lot of fun.

Whether it’s a quiet day of pampering at a local spa or a full on boozy weekend away in the sun, if done right it’s the perfect way to help your pal say goodbye to single life.

However they can also be a bit of a nightmare, and sometimes end up causing rows if people can’t quite agree on what to do – or how much to spend.

But one woman found herself furious about her pal’s hen for a completely different reason and she is debating refusing to go because of it.

The row was caused by the dress code for the night out, which included a numbers of activities which she paid £120 in advance.

She shared her story on Mumsnet to see what other parents thought.

She wrote: "Hen Party tonight… not even a close friend, one of my friends sisters.

"We absolutely must wear all black. Completely black. Not black with a pattern or embellishments or a bloody red stripe. Completely black.

"She will "obviously" be wearing white.

"She has reminded everyone seven times this week that we MUST ONLY WEAR BLACK.

"AIBU to not go. I don’t have any plain black dresses, I could wear jeans and a black top but then I’ll look like a flumpy flumperson and I actually think it’s completely ridiculous.

"Even my gorgeous heels that are black with silver stars on them are not permissible."

Other mums were equally shocked by the strict rules.

One replied: "How bizarre! It’s one thing to ask for mainly black but another thing entirely to be so strict about it. I would mysteriously come down with a migraine…"

Another said: "Do not go. How ridiculous! No only are such strict "rules" bonkers but it will look so s***. Like like a funeral or a bunch of crows following a bride. So, so weird."

However others had much meaner ideas.

One said: "Wear white, preferably something that will upstage the bride-to-be. Say you didn’t get the messages"

Another suggested: "Is there any chance you can borrow a friends massive, bright white wedding dress for tonight and when you turn up just comment ‘I thought you said NOT black’ with added ‘oh silly me’ laugh."

In the end she went but "rebelled" a bit with her outfit choice, opting for black clothes but her sparky shoes and belt.

She later updated everyone with a post which said: "Well well well. A mediocre evening all in all.

"Most people did follow the all black theme (although there was a naught white strip on some trousers and some forbidden dress embellishments and sparkly sandals!!!).

"I got a disproving look for the belt but I don’t think anybody clocked the shoes.

"My god. Bridezilla personified. I’ve never experienced such structured "fun" before.

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"I got told off for abandoning a willy straw and for letting a mask of the groom to be fall on the floor. She actually screamed NOOOO YOU CANT LEAVE STEVE (not real name) ON THE FLOOR LIKE THAT.

"Also constant hitching up of the stupid bloody sash that kept ending up around my ankles somehow and poking people in the eyes with stupid bloody willy deeley boppers (that I was also forbidden from removing).

"Also synchronised shot taking for something called a boomerang video? Three times because the first two weren’t in sync. Exhausting.

"I did make a pretty delicious strawberry daquiri mind you. Slightly sore head today but nothing to disastrous. If I ever get married I think that definitely won’t be how I would have my hen party (if I even had one!) But each to their own I suppose."

Bet she can’t wait for the wedding…

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