14 Things You Didn't Know About The Clitoris

1. It's had a recent re-branding

The word clitoris was first coined in the 1610s and derives from the Greek word for ‘key’, but it took until the 1950s for it to become the known-and-loved abbreviation ‘clit’ we so commonly use today. That’s almost 500 years of wrapping your mouth around 3 syllables. Tired tongues all round.  

2. It's an unbelievably sensitive soul

The clit is a powerhouse of pleasure; the tip alone contains more than 8000 nerve endings. That’s twice as many as in the penis.

3. You've been lied to this whole time

The clitoris is much more than the tiny visible head at the top of the vulva. It is in fact made of 18 distinct parts including muscle, nerves and erectile tissue, which wraps around the vaginal tunnel and reaches out towards the thighs.

4. Age isn't nothing but a number

Like a Chanel dress, the clitoris is ageless and will look and function the same when you are 90 as it did in your 20s.

5. Your flower will always blossom

That being said, the clitoris does continue to grow throughout your life and could reach double the size.

6. It's a grower not a show-er

The clitoris, much like the penis, also grows in size when aroused. It can swell by 50 to a whopping 300% and range from 7 – 12 cm in length. But remember, ladies, size doesn’t matter.

7. Long distance relationships are hard

And the same can be said for your genitals. Some studies suggest that the distance between your external clit (known as the ‘glans’) and your vagina may affect your orgasm.

8. Use it or lose it

If left unloved and unstimulated, your clitoris can retreat into the body. In order to maintain blood flow and stay healthy, you’ll need to give it some regular TLC. Oh, if we must…

9. One and the same

The clitoris and penis both start out their life journeys in very similar ways. Foetuses have the same genital tissue but develop differently. Just like a penis, the clitoris has a glans, foreskin and shaft.

10. The clitoris is a real mindfu*k

Literally. Your orgasm begins in the brain and at least 6 different tissues become stimulated to trigger your orgasm. Ironically, it is also part of the brain that can hinder your orgasm, preventing you from climaxing at all.

11. The clitoris is a versatile little bean (being)

In fact it is so versatile that in surgical procedures it can be enlarged to form a whole functioning penis.

12. Ch-ch-ch changes

Your clitoris doesn’t just change during arousal. It can change throughout the month depending on your hormones, nutrition and stress levels. This can also cause you to experience pleasure in different way. Some days a gentle caress may have you climaxing, other days it might send you crawling up the walls.

13. The clitoris really is your true BFF

It’s the only known body part whose sole purpose is to give you pleasure. When you’re aroused, the ‘arms’ of the clitoris, known as the corpora cavernosa, even curl around you to give your private parts a nice little hug. What more could you need?

14. A clitoral orgasm can last between 10 and 30 seconds

and induce 3 to 16 muscular contractions. The clitoris can also facilitate multiple orgasms (unlike men, tee hee!) we don’t need a resting period between climaxes so can enjoy a series of wonderfully orgasmic experiences. One after the other after the other….

So, taking into account everything we’ve learnt (especially that number 9), isn’t it about time you showed your clit some love? These facts have been provided by Love Honey sexpert, Anna Lee.

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