Disinfection in everyday life: Excessive Hygiene is harmful

In the own four walls of the German Hygiene is very important. 56 per cent make use of at home frequently disinfectant. Especially the young Generation using the germ-killing wipes and liquids: 69 percent of 14-to 34-Year-old can do this on a regular basis. A recent survey of the Schwenninger health insurance company among more than 2,000 citizens shows.

"Unfortunately, the use of disinfectants is too carefree and, above all, to häufig", Dr. Tanja Katrin Hantke, the health expert of the Schwenninger health insurance company says. In General, these funds in the budget are not necessary. "On the contrary, you can auswirken&quot even harmful;, so Hantke. The excessive use of disinfectants, the education will promote resistant germs, in addition, the impact on the environment are on the rise. But also the user from hazards: "When in contact with disinfectants, the natural protective barrier of the skin is disturbed. This disease can eindringen&quot pathogens faster in the so-damaged skin;, Hantke says.

The expert therefore advises against disinfectants at home, unless special precautionary measures are necessary: "If someone suffers in the household of a highly contagious disease or, for instance, chemotherapy subjects, and thereby weakened defensive forces should be taken special hygiene regulations. This can make the use of germicidal agents is required." In the normal case, however, Soaps for the skin, and all purpose cleaner for objects and spaces. The most important is to wash regularly and thoroughly with the hands.


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