Looking for Someone Who Will Listen? With These Ears, Johnny’s Your Boy!

Meet your new BFF, Johnny! He’s been waiting patiently to find the right adopter and we’re hoping that 2023 is the year he finds the home he deserves.

Johnny is a six-year-old Chow Chow-mix and quite the distinguished gentleman. This sweet guy loves cuddles and scratches, long walks in the park, and spending lazy Saturdays snuggling in bed.

At home, Johnny can often be found either rolling around with his squeaky toys or hanging out with his humans. This handsome man with the world’s most incredible ears has a love for all things comfy and would be an excellent couch companion for reading a book or binge-watching TV. In his new home, he could love to sleep in bed or just cuddle up with his new family.

Johnny has gone on lots of sleepovers during his stay at the Cruelty Recovery Center and has even been deemed a staff favorite to take to slumber parties. This special guy has great manners and is house-trained. During his sleepovers, he is always calm, quiet and enjoys hanging around his human friends, always wanting to be close to everyone. He is also great in the car and even likes to look out the window.

Johnny can be particular about his dog friends, but when he finds his perfect match, he loves to wrestle on the ground and play a bit of chase. And, like the ladies man her is, Johnny especially loves playing with his female dog friends.

As far as kids go, Johnny may be sensitive to having young children in his personal space, but he doesn’t mind them running around in the background.

At the start of a brand new year and during this cold winter season, Johnny would love to snuggle up with you and he promises to keep your heart warm! We hope you’ll take a chance and open your heart to Johnny today.

Johnny is being adopted through one of our partner shelters, HALO K9 Behavior Consultation. If you’re interested in Johnny, click here to complete an application!

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