Unusual birth: a woman struggles with Covid-19 – and brings a child into the world

You can see in the Video: Covid-19-Ill in Rio de Janeiro a child into the world.

This Baby is something very Special. It came at the end of April in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro to the world – while his mother Rusia Goes with the lung disease Covid-19 fought. In order to protect the girl, was not allowed to see it for a month. O-TON RUSIA GOES, nurse: “Only God knows how much I missed my little girl. She was so long in my belly and then she was taken from me suddenly.” The Doctors had the child with a caesarean section on the world-brought – several weeks before the actual date. Shortly thereafter, Goes condition deteriorated. she had to be ventilated and could only be made after two weeks was discharged from the hospital. O-TON RUSIA GOES, nurse: “The time in hospital was very difficult, very painful. When I was in a coma, I didn’t know what happened. However, prior to the birth, and then I was conscious. And that was very difficult.” 25. In may, it was then finally so far. Goes able to hold on for the first Time her daughter in the Arm. Also she is doing well and the family was able to take her home, following a fee bid farewell to the nurses and orderlies inside.